Save Money. Save Time. Have Peace of Mind.

Ensure you receive quality, healthy food by choosing an IUPUI Meal Plan. In addition to providing for your most basic nutritional needs, an IUPUI Meal Plan also offers substantial costs savings, time savings, and peace of mind.

Cost Savings

Depending on your meal plan choice, you can save 17% to up to 50% off the standard meal price at Tower Dining using meal swipes. Also you will save 14% off every purchase using dining dollars at all IUPUI Food Services locations. This will help reduce the costs associated with attending college.


Convenient and accessible on-campus dining gives you more time to study and socialize. With culinary experts preparing daily nutritious meals, you don’t have to grocery shop, cook, or clean kitchen messes. You can totally focus on your academic mission.

Peace of Mind

Rest assured you have quick access to quality food every meal of the day—eliminating reliance on unhealthy fast food. Eating on-campus will form lifelong friendships at popular student hubs like Tower Dining. Meal Plans are also secure, unlike carrying cash.